Mexican Tacos

Choice of double tortillas 100% corn (gluten-free) or one wheat tortilla, with a choice of garnitures


Large wheat tortilla, prepared with a base de rice, beans, corn, iceberg salad, sour cream, and a choice of one garniture

Optional: spicy sauce, melted cheese


Two wheat tortillas, a blend of mozzarella and manchego cheese Choice of one garnish


Bowl with rice, corn, beans, avocado slices, pico de gallo and a choice of one garnish



Nachos with a choice of sauce: guacamole, pico de gallo, beans, or melted cheddar


Our Garnishes

Beef (Suadero)

Shredded Swiss beef marinated with a touch of lemon and other Mexican spices

Marinated Pork (Cochinita)

Swiss pork marinated for twelve hours with Achiote spice

Chicken (Tinga)

Swiss chicken cooked slowly in a tomato, bay leaf and chipotle sauce


Marinade of Mexican "chiles poblanos": green peppers, corn and onions marinated in cream

Grilled Pork (Carnitas)

Swiss pork, grilled and lightly caramelized

Paris Mushrooms

Fresh sautéed with white onions and wine

Alcoholic Beverages

Our Beers

Corona 🇲🇽

Modelo Especial 🇲🇽

Negra Modelo 🇲🇽

Valaisanne Lager 🇨🇭


Shots and Cocktails

Tequila Shot

Mezcal Shot

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Aguas Frescas


Fustea Peach
Fusetea Lemon
Coca Cola

Coca Cola Zero

Still Water

Sparkling Water

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